The true delights of world travel are the details discovered: the crown of lights worn during the festival for St. Lucia in Sweden, the ubiquitous smell of cabbage in households around Russia, the peculiarities of Puffin hunting in Iceland. Ironically, these details are often hidden from the view of occasional travelers and tourists. In crime fiction, though, the universal struggles between the forces of good and evil play out against nuanced backdrops of luscious quotidian detail. And the reader, from her armchair, is offered a back door entry to a whole other world. My love of other places and people, customs and cultures is what attracted me to literature in the first place. The thrill of suspense and the journey of investigation and understanding are what attracted me to crime fiction. Join me in a voyage of discovery through the genre that brings all these pleasures together, what many have begun to call “world noir.”

Each series is reviewed based on the three attributes I consider essential for great crime fiction: originality, personality and place. In the spirit of full disclosure, I receive a small commission from Amazon if you purchase books by clicking the the links I provide. What little I earn will most likely help subsidize my growing library of world noir titles or fund the free little library I want to build in my front yard!

Bon voyage!

Kayla M.

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